DU Girls’ Colleges Ban Sexist Rappers From Performing At Fests

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Delhi University (DU) colleges have collectively decided to ban rappers such as Yo Yo Honey Singh, Raftaar (among many) from performing at their fests. Many colleges are still in the process of who to call for the upcoming fest month, and while the co-ed colleges are still considering whether or not to invite these rappers, the girls’ colleges have taken their stance.

The decision was taken by student union members of the colleges in light of the sexual assault and molestation of women, in a crowd of thousands, on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru. Entertainment industry carries an important responsibility to put forward the right message to the people, and with lyrics like “Tu ladki hai ya shark , fansti nahi” (by Sukh-e) in mainstream songs, it only seems fair to discourage such artists by banning them.

“We are trying to propagate the ideas of feminism and equality, while these artists are using their art form to demean women. The lyrics of songs like Brown Rang and Saturday Saturday are offensive, abusive and completely opposite of what we are taught in college. In these songs, women are mere objects obsessed with makeup, shopping and partying, so we can’t think of calling these artists for obvious reasons,” says Smitha Sabu, treasurer of students’ union of Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

“We prefer a female artist who believes in ideas like ours and who can understand us better than someone who tears us apart in our own college on our fest. We are taught that women should be confident, competent and compassionate and the lyrics of these artists are completely opposite so they are a big ‘No’ for our fests.” adds Raavi Jotwani, vice president of the Jesus and Mary College students union.

Students are showing a positive response to the decision. The question remains whether other colleges also make this decision, or let people know “Teri principal bhi baby Yo Yo ki fan hai”.


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