DU student’s short film gets selected at the Cannes Film Festival


“Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought to.” – Pope John Paul II

A Delhi University pass out, Lubdhak Chatterjee, got his film “In A Free State” shortlisted at the Cannes Film Festival. His film is one of the six Bengali films that have also been selected for screening, under the short film corner.

“While making this short film, I never imagined that it would go that far. I sent my request on the official website of Cannes and surprisingly got shortlisted,” Lubdhak says.

Born in Kolkata, always been greatly influenced by Satyajit Ray and Rituparno Ghosh. After getting involved in blogging, the motion picture has always allured him and appealed to him.

“For someone as naive as me, making a short film on my own was quite a struggle. Managing the expenses and deciding the shoot location was quite a task, but once you are determined, things fall into place,” he says.

The 28-minute film stars Nihil Parashar and Sunder Pal, a short film, delineating the notion of ‘freedom’ and ‘its price’. The story is about an aspiring filmmaker and an artist painting amputated figures, who plunge into a journey, where they explore the taste of freedom when their choices are contrary to popular social norms.

Presently, he’s a 25 year old, studying MTech in Delhi Technological University. Although, he really wished to walk the glorious red carpet at Cannes and experience his success, but due to his forthcoming exams and the expenses involved in travelling to the festival he wouldn’t be attending it.

Source – Hindustan Times


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