DU Student’s BMW Hit-And-Run Kills A Fifty Year Old Man


Amongst a string of hit and run cases, this one is the latest. Shiv Nath, a fifty year old, died last week after being flung into the air by a BMW car driven by a Delhi University student in student populated Maurice Nagar.

The accused, Abhinav Sahni, is a twenty one year old first year undergraduate student at Khalsa college, which is a short distance from the scene of the accident. Sahni was arrested on Thursday after police checked CCTV footage of the accident on Wednesday and questioned witnesses. He was, however, later released on bail.

In The CCTV footage, Shiv Nath can be seen trying to cross the road in Maurice Nagar at 1:20pm. Seeing the speeding car ramming towards him, Nath tries to run and approach the divider, but he fails to reach in time. The SUV hits him and he stills, following which the maroon BMW X1 stops for a moment and then speeds away. Shiv Nath died on the spot.

Abhinav Sahni, the elected joint secretary of his college, claimed he could not have stopped his car in time as the victim had appeared out of nowhere. He also said he had fled the scene immediately afterwards out to fear.

Source : NDTV



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