Enactus Kirori Mal College helps Afghan Refugees make “edible” cutlery


Delhi University has always been a hub for students with different communities, countries and social background. That’s one of the reasons for the students willing to participate in every activity in the campus, from fashion societies to nukkad natak  to NSS. Students have been actively participating to make campus life and society better. Recently Kirori Mal College initiated a program which will benefit the environment. With an aim to provide environment friendly alternative to plastic, these students have designed edible and environment friendly cutlery.

Taking this initiative to another big level the “Enactus” group of KMC collaborated with Afghan community living in the Bhogal district in order to give them an alternate source of income and livelihood under their project, “Patradya”

Students taught these women the proper method of making these utensils. The main focus was on making bowls. “Enactus” KMC carried a 3 tier training program in form of a workshop to teach the method of making bowls:

  1. Sanitation and Hygiene
  2. Baking Classes
  3. Sessions on the importance of this project

 “Patradya” program also helped these women to understand the business side of this program. Students trained every individual on how to sell these bowls in the market.

Notably, project Patradaya has been certified by FSSAI to corroborate the product’s quality.


Image Source: Project Patradya Facebook Page
Image Source: Project Patradya Facebook Page

The recipe, which includes a combination of ingredients like wheat, ragi, and millet, has been finalised after consulting dieticians and nutritionists. Talking to The Asian Age one of the team member said:

“The edible bowls not just help with the nutritional requirements, but also help reduce the dependability on plastic. These bowls are packaged within two layers and every box has a label that clearly lists the ingredients, used so that the consumers know what they are eating.”

Enactus KMC is now focusing on releasing new flavours and increasing the nutritive value of their product.


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