Establishment of 63 New Colleges Affiliated to Mumbai University


This year Mumbai University has sent 124 proposals to the state government where 50% colleges are law colleges.

Mumbai students as well as others will now have more options while applying, although the state government is yet to give its decision which is pending till the 15th June 2016.

According to the university’s perspective plan only 63 colleges are to be approved in this academic year 2016-17 whereas last year no new colleges were approved.

Out of these 63 colleges, seven for women and seven night colleges are to be put up. Seats for arts, commerce and science colleges have started to saturate as seen in the past 3 to 4 years; professional courses such as law and some innovative ones (self financed) are gaining immense popularity. Enrollment in law courses have jumped over a 100% in the last five years.

Regarding the new law colleges, only 11 are likely to be approved: four (out of which 2 for women only) in Mumbai, 2 in Thane and 1 in Navi-Mumbai. The total number of affiliated colleges will exceed over 800 after the new colleges get sanctioned by the 15th June, thus increasing the burden on the already strained infrastructure that asks for more and highly educated faculty to keep the Mumbai university standards at par currently and better in the coming future.

A principal of a college whose management has submitted a proposal for law institute said, “There is a huge demand for law courses in Mumbai. A college with 120 seats in Central Mumbai received around 2,500 applications in the last academic session. Not enough colleges in the university’s jurisdiction offer the initiative. The salaries of fresh recruit in good law firms touch a lakh rupees.”

The university’s perspective plan drawn up in December laid down the requirement for only 63 colleges in the current year. ”The management council consists of only ex-officio members; they have decided to recommend most of the proposals that have come to the council to the state this year,” said registrar M A Khan.

Not just law but other courses like architecture, pharmacy, BSc in yoga, BA-BEd & BSc-Bed are also emerging at an increasing rate due to the new interests of the upcoming generation who with high capabilities are exploring new fields.

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