Gargi College inaugurates Golden Jubilee Year celebrations


DU‘s Gargi College kicked off its golden jubilee year celebrations yesterday with a cultural extravaganza, which will be drawn out over the entire year with various events and festivities.

Decorations by Hues, the Fine Arts society

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Hues, the Fine Arts society was responsible for the beautiful decorations in the college. The ceremony started with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guest Mr. Anshu Gupta, winner of the Raman Magsaysay Award and the founder of Goonj, which works towards sustainable development resources for the poor. Dr. Shashi Tyagi, the Principal of Gargi College gave the Welcome Address, which was followed by the release of the college souvenir by the guests. The Guests of Honour were Prof. Anil Aneja, OSD, Equal Opportunity Cell and Mr. Rahul Yadav, Founder of “Yodhas- Indians Fighting against cancer”, a UNESCO award-winning NGO. Mr. Anshu’s talk concerned the grassroot issues that our country is facing. Talking about the youth studying on subsidies given by our country and paying them off in another and going abroad for lucrative jobs, he rued the fact that they were not interested in serving their own country.

The ceremony was a beautiful portrayal of the cultural spirit of Gargi College. Glass Eye, the film society of the college screened their film “Gargi: Journey of 50 years”, which traced the college’s journey from its old building to the new one, which was absolutely mesmerising for the students, who have only seen the college stand tall as it does now with all its 50 years of glory and grandeur.

Gargi college

It was followed by a dance performance by Nazakat, the Indian dance society. A fusion of various dance forms- Bharat Natyam, Kathak, Mohiniattam and Odisi Jugalbandi left the audience spellbound. The choreography society Sparx showcased a piece on evolution of dance from Broadway to contrast with the evolution of the college. Kshitij, the street-play society was next, putting up a comic portrayal of Ramayan, focusing on the importance of teachers since time immemorial.

The theme being “Service to Humanity”, institutions including Youth for Seva, Tamanna, Yodhas,  Jamkhat along with Cheshire and Goonj attended the inaugural event. The kids from these NGOs sang and danced their way into the hearts of the audience.

The jubilee festivities also witnessed a tree plantation drive which was spearheaded by the Principal and the Guests of honour.


(With inputs from Diksha Bijlani, Puspangana Singh and Ambica Kaul, Gargi College

Picture credits: Ananya Shah and Sunita Kumari)


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