Hamid Ansari Dubs DU as “Role Model” for Other Universities


Founded in 1922, the University of Delhi celebrated its 94th Foundation Day on 1st May, 2016. Commemorating the occasion, Vice President Hamid Ansari, who is also the chancellor of the university, decided to appreciate the esteemed institution for the status it has achieved over the years.

“It gives me great pleasure to send my congratulations to the vice chancellor, faculty, staff and students on the joyous occasion of the 94th foundation day of the University of Delhi,” he said.

He mentioned how the academic distinction of the university has attracted the most eminent scholars and the most talented students who have gone on to make significant contributions to the society.

The vice president was all praises and lauded the premiere institute for performance in the field of academics. In a statement he said that, “The University of Delhi has to play its role of a neutral assembler of talent; that of an unmatched idea factory where the passion, creativity and idealism of young minds can be applied to meeting the transitional needs of our society, polity and economy.”

According to Ansari, the University of Delhi has maintained a strong commitment to excellence in teaching and research and it has become a role model for other universities.

As reported by NDTV.

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