Hansraj College Fined Rs 90,000 For Felling Trees In Premises

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Delhi University’s Hansraj College in North Campus has been slapped with a big fine of Rs 90,000 for indiscriminate felling of trees on college premises.

According to the college authorities, the felling of 3 Sheesham and Guler trees took place in July 2016 for the purpose of setting up a large porta cabin, which now accommodates roughly 12 staff rooms, department rooms and administrative offices. It also has a first floor now. The principal, Dr. Rama has been ordered to deposit the said sum of money within 15 days of the order issued by the Delhi Forest and Wildlife Department.

The order says, “After several hearings were held in the case in year 2016, an offence under the Delhi Tree Preservation Act (1994) as committed by Dr. Rama has been admitted by her that the said trees were cut and she is ready for compounding of the offence.”

However, the principal told a leading daily, “We have not cut any trees and this case is still ongoing.” The complainant, Sonya Ghosh, said, “These were very big and old trees of Sheeshum and Guler and should have been accommodated in the structures and not sacrificed.”


Source: Mail Today


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