Hindu College Worships Disha Patani For This Year’s V-Tree Pooja

V-Tree pooja at Hindu College

Valentines Day Mubarak Ho!

Like every year, Hindu College, Delhi University celebrated V-Day today with its customary Virgin Tree Pooja. And the Dumdami Mai this year was actress Disha Patani, who made her debut in ‘M.S. Dhoni- The Untold Story’ for the boys, and Hrithik Roshan for the girls.

Every year on V-Day, some DU students shortlist a hot Bollywood female actor, and worship her as the Damdami Mai. For worship, the tree is decorated with balloons, strings and condoms, to seek blessings of the love deity. It’s believed that if you are part of the pooja, you increase your chances of scoring a date and finding a partner of your dreams (and losing your virginity in the process) within 6 months.

RJ Raunac from Red FM 93.5 was invited to the Pooja this year, and if the live video on his Facebook account is anything to go by, the students had a gala time.

Teachers in the recent years have asked for the Pooja to be banned, saying it is ‘derogatory’ to the opposite sex. But the students have always got by, their faith in the hilarious tradition intact.


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