Jaypee MUN’17 Set to Happen on 21st & 22nd January’17!


“The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you someone else, the biggest challenge is to be different.”

Model United Nations (MUN) is a platform for those who choose to stand out and be different. Model United Nations is based on an ideal perception of the UN’s role in society and the perceived political interests of nations. MUN is something that incorporates attributes you can’t exactly learn from the classroom. By doing an MUN you’ll develop academic skills, as well as good interpersonal and communication skills. . This means that an MUNer is not just an average job-seeker, he is the one that is ready to go “an extra mile” outside of what he is expected to do, and excel in his academic and professional endeavors.


The Jaypee model United Nations is one such platform which allows students to know what really an MUN is. Since the past six years we have been organizing this thrilling and exciting event with great endeavors. And with a Legacy of 6 years to carry forward, Jaypee Model United Nations is back with its next edition! This year the conference will be held from 21st-22nd January 2017 at JIIT, Noida.                                                                                                                      

 Over the past few years we have seen some of the best MUNers in the country taking part in JMUN with great keenness. JMUN has received appreciation from all corners with JMUN 2016 being declared as the 2nd best MUN in Delhi-NCR circuit.JMUN’17 promises to be the most suitable and exciting place for people trying to make a lasting impression on others. Intellectual judges, amiable organizing committee, delicious food and most importantly “CONSTRUCTIVE DISCUSSIONS” make JMUN different from all the other conferences that happen in the MUN Circuit of the country!


Every year we try to bring uniqueness to our conference in every dimension possible. This year we have embodied a solitary theme- BELIEVE.                                                                                                                   

We, at Jaypee Model United Nations, applaud great speakers who speak up because they Believe that their voice will make a difference. This year we are providing all the amazing speakers an opportunity to get heard, to lead and to make people Believe in them. Its overwhelming to hear about how a conference can “Believe” its participants to such an extent. The preparations and promotions for the event have already begun and are at full swing. The launch of JMUN’17 on 15th November, 2016, inaugurated by Mr. Kunal Arora (Founder, The Education Tree) was attended by more than 400 students and that day marked the opening of applications for the conference. The day also marked the official beginning of JMUN’17 under it’s  new Secretary General, Mr. Akhil Puri. The response from students within JIIT and from other top colleges across the country has been truly amazing. This year too you can expect fierce competition of knowledge and debating between delegates in various committees. These two days of conference would be filled with excitement and enjoyment. The conference promises to be a great learning experience and a chance for all delegates to establish themselves in MUN circuit.


This time five committees will be simulated at Jaypee Model United Nations 2017. They are

  1. Council of Europe: This committee will discuss and debate on the agenda “Refugee Policies, Immigration procedures and legislation.”  It’s work is to find common solutions to the challenges faced by European society.
  2. General Assembly –DISEC: This committee will discuss and debate on the agenda “Confidence building in the field of conventional arms trade with special reference to arms trade in Africa.” This is the biggest committee in the conference and it works to find solutions to global problems and challenges.
  3. Lok Sabha: This committee will discuss and debate on the agenda “Discussions on the provisions of adopting the uniform civil code and its effects.”  The Lok Sabha has enough of diverse personalities, making  it  a very intricate committee, sure to be packed with heated debate.
  4. Human Rights Council: This committee will discuss and debate on the agenda “Contemporary forms of slavery in the 21st century.  ”This committee will surely offer wide scope of debate and contrasting views on similar aspects.
  5. Commission on the status of women: This committee will discuss and debate on the agenda “ Reforms in cedaw. “ This committee has been included for the very first time and  will focus on women’s right at international and national level.


JMUN has been so successful due its hard work and persistence. We strive to bring you the best conference there is and to leave a mark on the map. Our main goal is to make sure that every delegate returns home with some knowledge and a sense of satisfaction.  Alfred Mercier has rightly said “What we learn with pleasure, we never forget” and this JMUN’17 will make its delegates “globally aware” about the contemporary issues and will ultimately give them a platform to develop and showcase their Leadership skills in the most exciting way possible.                                             

 So, We would whole heartedly invite all those people who choose to be different, who believe in themselves and who want to experience a perfect MUN to Jaypee Model United Nations 2017. Join us and witness the Legacy!


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