Justice Markandey Katju Invited to Speak at JNU


Markandey Katju is no unfamiliar name. The former Chairman, Press Council of India who has served as a Judge at the Supreme Court of India as well as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, is looked up to by innumerable Indians and is massively popular on social media platforms, as well.

Earlier today, Justice Katju revealed to us, through a status update on Facebook, that he has been contacted by a student of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and has been invited to speak at the varsity. Comments are already pouring in on the status update and needless to say, the speech will be attended by students, as well as others, in huge numbers, if the plan does materialize.

However, Katju has made it clear that albeit he is interested in speaking at JNU, he will only go if he is invited by the students union of JNU, for he doesn’t want to seem like he’s associated with a political party.

Read the status update in full here:

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