Man Breaks into Delhi PG intending Sexual Assault

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Incidents of sexual assault in Delhi are oft reported and different people come up with different theories to prove that women were responsible for what had happened. Either they are accused of wearing ‘provoking’ clothes or being out late at night.

Pinjra Tod, a student group fighting against gender discrimination, put up a post on their Facebook page by a woman who recounted her experience of sexual assault inside her own PG at Lajpat Nagar in broad daylight. As mentioned in the post, a drunk intruder entered her PG and loitered around with his pants unbuttoned.

The series of bizarre events begin from here on. The PG owner and policemen instead of taking an action against the intruder, laughed at the CCTV footage, and manipulated the young women. From calling the assaulter a ‘baccha’ to giving unsolicited advice like “ladki jaat ho, kya court kachehri jaaoge”, the owner and police did absolutely nothing to support the women.

However, the author of this post, a student of LSR College is not willing to give up. She stated in her post the she would speak up, and the Women Development Cell of LSR and her PG mates are willing to support her to take a action.

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