No-Shave November Only for Men? Maitreyi College Girls Beg to Differ


Amidst all the trending news that this month has to offer, be it the Presidential elections or the demonetization surprise, another thing which is catching attention this month is No-Shave November. This campaign which started way long back in 2004 with an agenda to help the cancer patients by donating the amount saved on grooming becomes active every year without a fail. But this year, Abhivyakti-the theatre society of Maitreyi College has come up with an altogether different campaign under No-Shave November by involving both the genders.

This campaign focuses on the shallowness that our society dwells in and questions the idea of “Beauty”. Why is a female with no body hair on her arms, legs and zero facial growth deemed as “Pretty” by our society standards? Abhivyakti challenges how in the name of hygiene girls have been feeding the patriarchy. It talks about how girls have grown comfortable doing things that the society wants them to do by an invisible rope.

“We women are not dolls, our natural bodies are not flawed.”

This campaign kickstarted on the 7th and came out with the society members showing off their body hair with pride on Facebook and asking others to join along against the superficial ideas that society articulates regarding the beauty standards of a female.

This campaign is an extension of Abhivyakti’s annual production, “Uncivilized Daughters” which also threw light on the various taboos associated with girls and the parameters that judge a girl’s beauty as defined by the outlook of world. The best thing about this campaign is that it is governed by the idea of “choice” regarding one’s thought of beauty but at the same time preaches the notion that beauty is something which should not be obstructed by the patriarchal perception of how an “ideal, pretty” woman should look like.

#NoShaveNoShame campaign will happen on the 19th at Akshara Theatre and the programme will focus on shedding light on the shallow realities of society and awakening minds regarding the freedom of one’s body.

“Let’s shave our minds and not ourselves.”

“We have to give society some time to realise the fact that they have been imposing the futile definition of BEAUTY and PERFECTION on each other. We are not looking for instant results but a gradual change,” said Arsh Dadwal, Vice President of Abhivyakti.

Body shaming is rampant worldwide (read more here) and it’s about time that we start making some concrete changes. This campaign is definitely a fresh and innovative way to start a wave of change in society and its take on beauty.

It’s time to unlearn, it’s time to reclaim your body.

Featured Image Source: Abhivyakti


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