RaagaTrippin’ all set to make ISTORIA Aca-amazing!


A cappella, a form of creating music without any instrument accompaniment has its roots in religious music but today, it has evolved to become a popular music art form. An art form, which would have remained obscure in India had it not been for a band unlike any other formed in 2012 with the sole purpose of intertwining the individuality of A cappella with entertainment.

Mumbai based band, RaagaTrippin’ was created out of the vision shared by six musical artists who wanted to present A cappella in a modern way while retaining the essence of its Gospel roots.  Alan DeSouza, Keshia Braganza, Gary Misquitta, Lara Pinto, Rohan Sequeira and Suzanne D’Mello are members of the recently revamped India’s first A cappella band which today has garnered critical acclaim, commercial pre-eminence and a huge fan base. The story of the band’s inception is as interesting and distinct as their work, from performing in choirs together to being what they are today, it has been a spectacular journey.

The idea of RaagaTrippin’ was conceived five years ago, when they decided to fuse together Old A cappella style with Alan’s own beat boxing band called Boxy Turvy which took till June, 2012 to materialise and they have been making history in the field of A cappella ever since. Their work ambit has only expanded since the band’s inception and includes covers of popular Bollywood songs, western songs of different genres and they also write and perform their original pieces. They’ve performed live at the Radio Mirchi and GIMA Awards and performed with Pritam Chakraborty at the opening ceremony of the Indian Premier League in 2015 and worked with stalwarts of the music industry like Amit Trivedi and AR Rahman. The success story of RaagaTrippin’ has just started and what really drives this band is their genuine love for the togetherness with which their voices come together to create something spectacularly amazing.

The hugely talented band will be performing in one of the country’s most prestigious and exclusive Public Relations fest, ISTORIA In-Sync 5.0 at Xavier Institute of Communications on March 5th. A musical night has been organised to commemorate the five years of this fest and will see the likes of Aishwarya Suresh and RaagaTrippin’ performing at the event. Since the event celebrates the different facets of music, it is the first time that an A cappella band will be taking the stage and there could not be a better choice than the pioneers of A cappella in India. RaagaTrippin’ is well known for adding their own refreshingly unique spin to their covers and their strong stage presence. Alan DeSouza, the band’s beat boxer believes that “Every achievement was once possible” and RaagaTrippin’ has proven it by breaking the norm and setting their own benchmarks.  They are fun, quirky and masters of their skill, which is why ISTORIA this year is bringing together a concoction of the unconventional and contemporary, by showcasing and recognising that a voice that can create music, can also create magic. (Event details here)

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