Ramjas gets Rs 22cr Infrastructure Push for New Courses


With preparations for the new admission season going strong, Delhi University’s Ramjas College which has entered its 100th year, will soon don a new look with its new academic block nearing completion. The six-storey 54,000 sqaure foot block will cost around Rs. 22 crore. Since the college is introducing three new undergraduate courses and some short term courses this season, improvement of the college infrastructure will surely solve the problem of space crunch.

The building, between the hostel and the old academic block, costs around Rs. 19.5 crore, Rs. 11.81 crore of which came from the OBC grants while another 3 crore came from UGC.

“The much needed expansion is nearing completion and by July, we will have more classrooms and laboratories. It took nearly four years to get all permissions but finally we are there. This new infrastructure will nearly double our facilities.” Principal Rajendra Prasad told TOI.

The new building, which has been a major infrastructure overhaul of the college in the past 30 years, will have facilities like composite amphitheatres and state-of-the-art science laboratories. Presently, the college auditorium is also under renovation.

According to the principal who expects the Ramjas family to grow further, with the introduction of new courses, the present space wouldn’t have been enough to accommodate all activities. With 5,700 students at present, the amphitheatre will thus help the students and staff members in extra-curricular activities.


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