Ramjas turning Gurukul? Relax Internet. It is fake!


Last February, Ramjas saw violent clashes between some of it’s left- leaning students and the members of RSS affiliated student political party Akhil Bhartiya Vidya Parishad(ABVP).

According to reports, as precaution against such incidents and to ensure that the students “concentrate on their attendance rather than get into activism,” the college had decided to adopt a ‘Gurukul’-like teaching structure for the freshers who join this academic session.

Refuting reports a Ramjas College spokesperson said no such plan was given a go ahead by the college.

“Gurukul-style teaching will not be adopted in Ramjas College. Such an agenda was never there. The wrong statements issued can be counted as their personal opinion,” said Shishir Kumar Jha, a staff council secretary of the college.


 Source article: DNA


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