Redefining Waste Management: Enactus DSE to organise ‘Donate Your Plastic’ drive


What can be the best way to spend your Sunday? How about donating a plastic  bottle?

That’s what a team of students from University of Delhi want you to think! As far as you can remember, we have perceived plastic as the inevitable weapon of mass destruction. But have you ever thought if it could mean a sustainable source of livelihood for those who hardly have one? What if it could mean empowerment for the denied? This is exactly what a group of students from Department of Commerce, Delhi School of Economics seek to do. Breaking a forever- old stereotype that plastic equals dead ends.

With that aim, Enactus DSE– Department of Commerce bring to you Project- Misaal, a vision to lead by example. A team of over seventy student volunteers, this team aims to use plastic waste bottles and polybags to generate revenue for physically handicapped unemployed segments of society.

The Team has organized a “Donate Your Plastic” drive this Sunday, September the 4th, in Connaught Place to promote their idea and collect waste plastic such as bottles, polybags and anything plastic. So if you happen to be a social enthusiast, any enthusiast or just happen to be there, make sure you do your bit to contribute to society. Afterall, it doesn’t get easier that this now, does it?


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