Most of the students in Mumbai use social media for assignments!


My Father hates how much time I spend sitting in front of the laptop or on my mobile phone.

Sometimes he says he will “digital ground” me, but alas! he cant. I might as well never go to college than have him confiscate my mobile phone. Not a hyperbole and/or not an addict. Lectures and their timings, assignments, internals and externals, portion, cancellations, important questions, reference books and every other thing college related is discussed and posted on our class whats app group. How does one expect me to know if I have a lecture tomorrow or not without my mobile phone then?

So basically, my Father hates how much time I have to spend sitting in front of the laptop or on my mobile phone.

70.8% high school students in Mumbai said that they spend 15 to 180 minutes on social media each day, while 48.2% use it for school work; states a countrywide survey which released this Friday interviewing 13000 students. The survey further states that 47.7% students use it to video chat, while 22.2%, 17.7% and 20.8%, to learn a new hobby, school tutorials and assignments respectively.

Surprisingly these figures of students using social media for their school assignments in Mumbai is rather less than tier-2 cities like Pune (54.2%) and Vizag (53%). Mumbai was in fact fourth in the same.

School work or otherwise it seem that students living in mini-metros are more active on social-media than compared to the big metros like Mumbai and Delhi. The figures speak for themselves as Bhubaneswar has 93% and Ahmedabad and Lucknow 91% while Mumbai and Delhi only have 77% and 89% respectively.

Pradipta Bagchi, Vice-President and Head, Global Communications said,“Mini-metros are overtaking the metros in usage of gadgets and social media.This could be because they do not have many malls and other options to keep teens occupied.”

This survey also threw light on the fact that Parents are less worried about their kids spending time on social media and usually depend on available software to prevent them from accessing any unsuitable content according to Bagchi. Against last year’s 60%  numbers now only 50% students stated that their parents have access to their social media account.



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