St. Xavier’s College now bans ripped jeans on campus after sleeveless tops and shorts

college bans students from wearing ripped jeans

St Xavier’s College, Mumbai- one of the top arts colleges in India, has issued a circular banning its students from wearing ripped jeans on campus. The reason? It says such clothes put them in an “embarrassing” situation.

“We already do not allow short clothes and sleeveless on campus, ripped pants have now been added to the list,” said principal Dr. Agnelo Menezes, explaining that there was “sociological reasoning” behind it.

“This dress is a mockery of the poor, who have to wear torn clothes because they have no option. It (such torn clothes) is their regular dress.”- principal Dr. Agnelo

This move has obviously not gone down well with the students, who have been busy voicing their opinions on social networking sites. Riya*, a student says, “After cut-sleeves tops, this sudden ban on ripped jeans is very problematic. In this day and age, the college should be more liberal with its thoughts!”

Eminent personalities have also lashed out against this imposition. Shobhaa De, author and an alumnus told Mid-Day, “St Xavier’s college has always had a liberal and inclusive culture of education. I think the students should take a strong representation to the principal, stating that it is their right to choose what to wear as along as it is not indecent.”

*name changed on request


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