Psychopath arrested in a decade long stalking case


A 32-year old Indian origin man has been sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment after a prolonged pursuit of stalking his ex-college mate. The arrest has been announced by Collin Country District Attorney Greg Willis on Wednesday.

The accused, Jitender Singh outraged on being rejected by the victim (whose identity is withheld by the authorities) on his proposal to marry him back in 2006. According to Wills, the two were in the same college in New Delhi and Singh has been stalking the victim since his rejection.

This case did not end even with the victim being shifted to New York in 2007 for her further studies. Despite having a criminal record in India, Singh made an agreement with the authorities to stay away from the victim, but all in vain.

The stalker followed the woman to her university in New York and applied for the same course, even after denial to the course by the university, he followed the victim to California where she was interning, till her return to New York.

According to the authorities, the accused harassed the woman’s father in India as well and annoyed the lady through repeated phone calls during the period of 2011 to 2014, during which the victim was placed in Plano with a job with IT Company.

Playing smart in order to track down the address and other details of the lady, Singh created a false credit monitoring service account in her name and somehow managed to broke into her house in Plano taking hold of her confidential documents including her passport and jewellery.

All thanks to the neighbour of the victim, who out of suspicion called up the cops which located him in the parking lot of the apartment and later arrested.

“The jury put an end to this victim’s decade long stalking nightmare”, Greg Wills was quoted in a statement.


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