STROKES artifies SGTB Khalsa College


The Fine Arts society of SGTB Khalsa College held their two-day annual art exhibition from 17th October 2016. Titled ‘Duende’ and on display were paintings themed as perfection, truth, life and beginning. Chief Guest on the occasion, Dr. Kirpal Singh, Associate Professor, College of Art appreciated the society’s artistry and hard work. Among the most amusing features of the exhibition was Cre-Artivity, a stall dedicated to live sketching and sale of hand-made goodies. One could get their live sketches made in 20-30 minutes and procure the elegantly designed bookmarks, candles, Shagun envelops, dream catchers and key chains at pocket-friendly prices.

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Image Credits: Sumit Anand, University Express

President Aditya Goyal, speaking to the University Express, was pleased with the exquisite response received. “The response was great. It was taking place right after the mid-sem break, we expected less people to turn up on the first day. On the contrary, we had so much crowd that our stocks went down,” he says. Aditya holds exposure and freedom to artistic persuasion by the society as the motivating forces of the annual exhibitions. Aiming to deliver something new each time the art-society gives freedom to the artists to pursue themes that inspire them than a uniform theme for the entire society, which he claims ‘restricts imagination’. “There are few things which are best unorganised, and brainstorming should be done. That makes more valuable ideas.” he states.

Credit goes to Strokes, who managed to get the college’s social adda: Jannat buzzing on the Monday afternoon with their colourfully-vibrant paintings, the dark charcoal paintings and the Centrepiece: a typical culmination art piece depicting the four themes. Spectators gathered at the exhibition were greatly impressed by the artworks. The society members cum volunteers were seen explaining their work and motivations to the enthusiastic audience. “The exhibition is amazing. From paper quilling to charcoal painting, from acrylic to pastel colours, every work displayed here is brimming with creativity, originality and uniqueness. Indeed  an enthralling experience.” comments Deepansh Duggal, a sophomore of the same college.

Fine Art exhibitions ain’t the most usual occurrences in the university campus. Either they are held on a small scale or are ignored. However, the art-soc president is confident of the presence of a substantial community who appreciate and respect art. He asserts that the ‘passive college art societies’ need to take an initiative aiming to achieve superior standards with time. The society intends to extend the Open Painting Day started the previous year to colleges and schools across the city for which they are open to collaborate with art societies of other colleges as well.


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