The Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh College brings to you Econotize’17


And we’re back! Back with a bang because we are here to present to you the seventh edition of our Economics Fest ECONOTIZE and it surely is going to be grand. Ecospire, The Economics Society of Shaheed Bhagat Singh college had worked with their heart and soul in order to put up this event and we can say to you with absolutely no doubt that this year we’ve levelled up and things are going to be glorious!

What’s going to be different about Econotize this year is what you all must be pondering? Well, let us tell you that Econotize’17 is going to be better than ever for this year our team has come up with an absolutely fresh concept that has been introduced in the form of an event namely DOCUDRAMA, where one will see participants not only watch a documentary but also observe it with an analytical approach in order to combat the questions that flow in thereafter.

Throwing light on the other events, one will witness teams of budding detectives battling it out in order to solve a murder mystery having potential to take them all for a toss, running their minds in order to make sense out of a plethora of riddles and finally trying to crack the case file mystery by using their wit and feeling from the gut. Econotize’17 also paves way for all the upcoming shrewd businessmen to showcase their talent by outwitting other teams in the classic game of Monopoly that has been blended with flavours of Economics named Ecopoly and in this game we shall see 4 teams of two each striving to rule the game against all odds. One will also get to witness participants indulging in brainstorming in this roller coaster of an event named Jeopardy, participants here will have to answer questions that spread over a variety of genres and categories such as economics, general awareness, business, fiction bollywood and a few more! We will see them race against time to fight each other and establish victory!


There’s more in store because we believe that no Economics festival is complete without there being an exchange of information and so we present to you the All India Economics Summit which is based on the structure of a MUN committee. In this summit, renowned personalities would indulge in discussion and exchange of views regarding the Demonetisation policy adopted by the government under the guidance of Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, in order to review the impact of this policy in the span of three month’s time since its implementation.

This is what Econotize’17 is about, here we not only entertain our participants by serving to them a plethora of mind boggling and intriguing events but also intend to impart knowledge to them about the major changes that shape up our nation’s economy by way of a discussion covering the issue from all aspects. So you know where to be on 6th March 2017 but let us just remind you:

Venue: Shaheed Bhagat Singh College, Delhi University

Sheikh Sarai(Triveni) Phase II, New Delhi – 110017

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