University of California, Irvine Invented an Everlasting Battery


A team of researchers at the University of California, Irvine in the United Stateshas developed a new ultra long lasting battery, accidentally. A doctoral candidate named Mya Le Thai was reportedly coated a set of gold nanowires in manganese dioxide before applying a ‘Plexiglas-like’ electrolyte gel, in the lab.

Nanowires are microscopic, ultra thin and highly conductive fibres that are very fragile. The experts are suspecting that the gel caused the metal oxide in the battery to plastcize providing its nanowires flexibility and longevity.

When tested, the UCI nanobattery proved to have endurance upto 200,000 charge cycles while the lifespan of an average laptop battery is a mere 300-400 charge cycles.

Wouldn’t it be a revolution in the electronic industry if such batteries became commercial?


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