Vayam Performing Arts Society to celebrate the timeless bonds of friendship with their stage production ‘1500 का दोस्त’


What started as a creative banter between a few artistic college friends led to the beginning of the Vayam Performing Arts Society in the year 2006. The society started out as a Delhi University Dramatic society in and grew into something bigger and better as time progressed, forming a strong hold in the Delhi Theatre Circuit and an expanding base in Mumbai. The organization stands strong on its core values of, Togetherness, Integrity, Creativity, and Social Empowerment.

Vayam brings together a cohesive group of hardworking and talented individuals comprising of actors, directors, scriptwriters, technicians and working professionals in its umbrella. Vayam has produced a total of 26 stage and street plays based on thought provoking issues and emotional subjects winning many accolades on several competitive and non-competitive platforms across India including National School of Drama, National Centre for Performing Arts, Prithvi Theatre, Jana Natya Manch, Kamani, Sirifort, India Habitat Center, Shri Ram Centre, Sahitya Kala Parishad, FICCI Auditorium, Hindi Sahitya Academy (Indore), IIT-Delhi, IIT-Bombay, IIT-Kanpur, IIM-Ahmedabad and the like.

After a spectacular and grand 10 day long festival called, ‘Malang – The Performing Arts Festival’ from 9th to 18th March in Delhi and recent successful and packed shows of its production ‘Syaahi’, Vayam is now set for another superlative stage production. On the first Saturday evening of 2017 i.e. 7th January, Vayam brings to theatre lovers two power packed shows of a play which celebrates the spirit of friendship: ‘1500 का दोस्त‘.


We all remember those third standard high school essays that we used to get to write on ‘Friendship’. And we knew how to enhance it with larger than life words like ‘unconditional love’, the spirit of ‘sharing and caring’ in order to get an A+ on it. But the truth of that time was that only a few of our mates were really the best ones, some were a little less than the best, some were not more than just pencil sharing buddies and remember those hardcore enemies belonging to the other gang with a name equally weird as ours. The hierarchy was in place. The hierarchy is still in place with categories more profound, outlined and quantifiable than ever before. And these categories often come out evidently loud in front of us when picking up the right birthday or marriage gift for a friend. The basic rules remain pretty simple though! The ones inviting through a WhatsApp message or an email are the basic Rs. 1100 category friends and a mixer grinder or an electric Iron should do the deal for these. The Rs. 2100 category belongs to those friends who send invitation with a stunning and palpable high quality marriage card and a box of sweets. Finally, there is the rare Rs. 5100 category and in the marriage of friends belonging to this category, we are likely to be spotted doing funny dance with a Rs. 100 note stuck in your mouth.

The fresh and flamboyant stage play ‘1500 का दोस्त is based on the quest of redefining friendship in the realms of today’s running cities. The play is designed with a universal approach keeping the ageless relationship of friendship in mind. The play attempts to touch the lost and forgotten chord of affection and benevolence in our hearts because all of us have ‘that friend’ whom we want to meet again. The play is doing rounds on social media with its interesting and creative promotion and the tickets of both shows can be booked on

Vayam Performing Arts Society is privileged to associate with ‘Yes! We Can’ for this stage production.  Yes! We Can is an NGO that supports & promotes the cause of a disabled friendly society. The highlight of the production is presence of persons with disability in the cast. It is a constructive partnership & to sensitize the general public & bring specially abled into the mainstream with a strong belief that ‘DISABILITY IS THE INABILITY TO SEE ABILITY’.

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