Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies Host Over 500 Participants Across Delhi At Sankaran’18


2 days. 7 events.   Zealous faces, ready to change the way we perceive Economics; enthusiastic minds, ready to prove themselves. Arthvidhya- the VIPS Club of Economics brought forward a fest to bridge the gap between deriving equations and cracking ground-breaking deals over a two day celebration of the greatest interpretation of human behaviour.

Sankaran’18- the Annual Academic Fest held on the 4th and 5th of October in Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies, commenced with a lamp lighting ceremony by honourable chief guest Dr Rabi Narayan Kar. The occasion was graced  by the esteem presence of our principal director Dr Ratan Sharma and dean of Vivekananda School of Economics Dr. Anuradha Jain.

The fest went on to host over 500 participants from colleges all across Delhi.

With palpable eagerness in the organizing committee and the participants alike, the first event out of seven-  The Broke Backpacker, kicked off on the 4th of October. It asked the participants to gain from fluctuations in the market and unveil the crypto-nomad in them. It proved to be a “highly engaging event, with no time to spare”. Next up was Eco-Doodle. It was an opportunity unlike any before, for economists who have a knack for their inherent artistic potrayal. The last event for day 1 was Stark Tank, which had a very entertaining quiz to begin with, followed by pitches to sell products and an exciting round of investing in those pitches by young entrepreneurial visionaries followed. It was one of the most appreciated event overall.

Along with the delight of learning new things, the day offered an array of opportunities for the participants to indulge in some fierce and healthy competition.

Events of the next day began with the much awaited IPL auction. A large number of participants with the kind of love for cricket that only India exhibits gathered to answer questions on IPL to qualify and build their own dream teams. “It was a very entertaining game through and through, and we (participants) enjoyed every minute of it”. The next event, Game Of Trades saw the biggest turnout yet, and delivered on their word- they were undeniably different from the herd. The atmosphere in the hall was electric. It was a “very interactive game”, wherein the participants came in teams to represent countries, use their resources, money and intellect to complete time bound tasks to fortify their economy. The next event, Quid Pro Quo was for those who had enough mettle to imbibe physical strength with their gray matter. It was an adventurous battle, in which people had to think, solve and run to grab the resources to become the saviour of their economy. One good thing about music is when it hits you, you feel no pain; the event that brought us to the conclusion of the fest was Crescendo, which provided a stage to all who wanted to let everyone hear their voices. The participants showcased their mesmerizing skills in both Indian and Western songs, and won the hearts of everyone in the audience.

At the end of day 2, awards and rewards had been presented, cakes had been cut, and appreciation passed on. The satisfied smiles on faces of the organizing committee and the faculty showed that this fest had concluded with thundering success. This fest has left all who were involved in it, in whichever way, eagerly waiting for its next edition scheduled year.


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